The Fremont Learning Center was founded during the 1972-73 school year and assists to ensure

Executive Director of Secondary Operations 
Scott Jensen

educational achievement for non-traditional students, enabling them to become self-reliant, problem-solving citizens who are proponents of lifelong learning. This is accomplished by providing a caring, competent staff; a relevant, individualized curriculum; and a structured, predictable environment.

What is the Learning Center?

  • Alternative academic/work experience program for students grades 8-12
  • Fulfills district graduation requirements
  • Offers a Fremont High School diploma
  • Highly structured with strict academic, attendance, and citizenship requirements
  • Full-day academic program (dual enrollment at FHS, work experience or college dual enrollment highly encouraged)
  • Requires academic, attendance, citizenship, and vocational goal completion
  • Student progress checked and recorded daily with weekly reports provided to student (monthly reports mailed home)
  • Each student is assigned to a team and team leader

Why is there a Learning Center?

  • Offers an alternative to a traditional school setting
  • Addresses different learning styles
  • Allows students to recover lost academic credit
  • Requires quality work of “C” or better
  • Strengthens group cohesiveness
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Teaches goal completion and responsibility
  • Introduces student to community experiences
  • Smaller class ratio removes multiple individual educational barriers
  • Encourages work experience
  • Supports students with multiple family roles

How are students identified and enrolled?

  • New students are enrolled throughout the year from Fremont High School
  • Students are identified by administrators and counselors
  • Students complete application online 
  • Orientation is held between the student, parent, and Learning Center staff
  • Students enroll on following Monday

The staff at the Learning Center includes:

  • English Instructor
  • Math Instructor/Head Teacher
  • Science Instructor
  • Social Studies Instructor
  • JAG Specialist
  • Volunteer Vocational Coordinator
  • Senior Office Associate

The Learning Center is located at 130 East 9th Street. Phone# (402)727-3180; Fax# (402)727-3085