Executive Director of Secondary Operations and Federal Programs Scott Jensen
Executive Director of Secondary Operations and Federal Programs
Scott Jensen


The Tiger Quad program offers credit recovery, a self-paced curriculum, a computer-based curriculum, and an alternative learning environment within the Fremont High School setting. Students will be recommended for the Tiger Quad program by their counselor or the Student Assistance Team (SAT) if they have credit or core class deficiencies or if they have other educational needs requiring an alternative educational placement. Priority will be given to 9th and 10th graders who have failed core classes; however, any student with credit/core class deficiencies or alternative educational needs could be recommended. The Tiger Quad program will be administered by teachers from the Fremont Learning Center (Fremont Public Schools’ alternative high school program) daily during 4th Block.

The Tiger Quad is located at Fremont High School 1750 N Lincoln Ave. Phone# (402)941-3148


The Fremont Learning Center was founded during the 1972-73 school year and assists to ensure educational achievement for non-traditional students, enabling them to become self-reliant, problem-solving citizens who are proponents of lifelong learning. This is accomplished by providing a caring, competent staff; a relevant, individualized curriculum; and a structured, predictable environment.

What is the Learning Center?

  •         Academic/work experience program for students grades 8-12
  •         Fulfills district graduation requirements
  •         Offers a Fremont High School diploma
  •         Highly structured with strict academic, attendance, and citizenship requirements
  •         Half-day academic program (half-day work experience program encouraged)
  •         Requires academic, attendance, citizenship, and vocational goal completion
  •         Student progress checked and recorded daily with weekly reports provided to student (monthly reports mailed home)
  •         Each student is assigned to a team and team leader

Why is there a Learning Center?

  •         Offers an alternative to a traditional school setting
  •         Addresses different learning styles
  •         Allows students to recover lost academic credit
  •         Requires quality work of “C” or better
  •         Strengthens group cohesiveness
  •         Builds self-esteem
  •         Teaches goal completion and responsibility
  •         Introduces student to community experiences
  •         Smaller class ratio removes multiple individual educational barriers
  •         Encourages work experience
  •         Supports students with multiple family roles

How are students identified and enrolled?

  •         New students are enrolled throughout the year from Fremont High School
  •         Students are identified by administrators and counselors
  •         Students complete application
  •         Orientation is held between the student, parent, and Learning Center staff
  •         Students enroll on following Monday

The staff at the Learning Center includes:

  •         English Instructor
  •         Math Instructor/Head Teacher
  •         Science Instructor
  •         Social Studies Instructor
  •         Senior Office Associate

The Learning Center is located at 130 East 9th Street. Phone# (402)727-3180; Fax# (402)727-3085