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Fremont Public Schools are a class A district serving a growing and diverse community from preschool to twelfth grade while retaining the accessibility one would expect in a small town like ours.

Whether you are new to the community or your children have previously attended here, we extend to you our sincerest of welcomes to Fremont Public Schools.

Our district, which covers more than 60 square miles in area, includes more than 4,700 students, 377 certified staff, and 346 classified staff district-wide.

Fremont High School, grades 9-12, strives to provide an environment that allows all students to achieve high academic and behavior standards as they prepare for higher education and or the diverse job market of the 21st century.

High School Business Students


Fremont Middle School, grades 7 and 8, and Johnson Crossing Academic Center, grades 5 and 6 endeavor to build and promote an attitude of positive achievement as students transition from primary to secondary education. The proximity of these campuses is an intentional effort to this end.

Fremont Public Schools seven PK-4 schools aim to meet the needs of all students, seeking the foundational growth and development of the future of our community and beyond. At Fremont Public Schools, we know and care for our kids.

We at Fremont Public Schools also purpose to serve our special and alternative needs community remembering that every student deserves a safe, positive learning environment. Our commitment is to all our students and their families.

In April 2007 our school system became the first public school system in the state to receive “District Accreditation” which is the highest level granted by AdvancED, a regional accreditation agency. With that recognition, Fremont Public Schools is proud to join a small handful of other districts in meeting those rigorous requirements.

In April of 2016, Fremont Public Schools became the first school district in Nebraska to receive a second five-year extension of that classification.

With a commitment to everything from early childhood development, to award-winning vocational training, to partnerships with local higher education, we are confident that Fremont Public Schools will continue to be a positive influence on the lives of our students.

At Fremont Public Schools, WE EDUCATE!