Special Education Information

The mission of the FPS Special Education Department is to empower students with disabilities to recognize and optimize their full potential in an engaging learning environment. Our culture is one in which all staff members respect diversity, share the responsibility for the teaching and learning of all students, and celebrate individual student growth and success. We embrace parents as collaborative partners in a process that promotes trust and respect.

What is Special Education?

Special Education is a broad term that describes the education of students who have intellectual, physical, behavioral, or emotional disabilities. An important federal law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), entitles children with disabilities to a “free appropriate public education” often called FAPE. This means that schools must provide eligible children who have a disability with specially designed instruction to meet their unique needs at no cost to the children’s parents. This specially designed instruction is known as special education. Approximately 19% of the Fremont Public Schools’ student population receives Special Education support which is above the state average of 15%.

The Special Education section includes information as to how a student acquires services, disability categories, programs and services, Early Childhood Special Education, and parental rights. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the following individuals.

Contact Information

Joel Kerkman
Director of Special Education
402-727-3084 (phone)
402-727-3064 (fax)

Heather Beekman
Assistant Director of Special Education
Early Childhood Development
402-727-3084 (phone)
402-727-3064 (fax)

Jackie Morgan
Administrative Assistant, Student Services Office
402-727-3084 (phone)

Gina Vogt
Administrative Assistant, Student Services Office
402-721-3202 (phone)