Elementary Schools

The Fremont Public Schools operate seven elementary sites in Fremont, serving over 2000 students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Our students are served by over a hundred highly qualified and deeply committed full-time educators providing direct as well as special-area instruction. The average elementary classroom in Fremont serves approximately 21 students in a self-contained setting. Elementary operations are supervised through the Office of Elementary Education, located at the Main Street Education and Administration Center (130 E. 9th Street).

The city is divided into attendance areas surrounding each elementary site, and children are assigned to buildings based on the attendance area in which they reside. A transfer policy allows parents to request attendance in buildings outside their attendance area on a limited basis. Transfers are granted on the basis of space available.

Elementary curriculum in Fremont is adopted by the District, and is delivered at all elementary schools. Curriculum is coordinated throughout the district by the office of the Director of Teaching and Learning, located at the Main Street Education and Administration Center. Information regarding elementary curriculum is available by clicking on the “Teaching and Learning” button under the Departments Tab on our web site.

Fremont offers a full range of special education services to qualifying elementary children. Information regarding Fremont’s special education services is available by clicking on the “Special Education” button under the Departments Tab on this web site.

Traveling specialists deliver instruction to all elementary students in the areas of art, music, and physical education. Students receive physical education instruction three times per week, music instruction two times per week, and art instruction one time per week. In addition to the music instruction delivered to all elementary students, orchestra/strings instruction is available beginning in grade four, while band instruction is available beginning in grade five. Summer instrumental lessons are also made available to interested students for a fee.

Health needs of Fremont elementary students are monitored by three full-time registered nurses who deliver services to all elementary schools. In addition to treating injured and ill students, nurses monitor compliance with state health laws regarding vaccinations and communicable diseases, and provide assistance to school personnel for dealing appropriately with children who have special health needs.

Counseling services are available to elementary students at all sites, provided by five elementary counselors. Counselors teach mental health lessons in each classroom and provide individual and group counseling for students as needed. Counselors are also available for consultation with parents.

Many questions regarding elementary operations can be answered by accessing the Parent/Student Handbook at this site. Questions regarding elementary operations can also be directed to the Office of Elementary Education at the Main Street Education and Administration Center (402) 727-3020 or (402) 727-3008.