The Early Childhood Development Center

Assistant Director, Student Services Department Principal, Early Childhood Development Center Theresa Muhle
Assistant Director
Student Services Department
Early Childhood Development Center
Theresa Muhle

Program Goals:

Locate and identify children with special needs ages birth – five.

  • Advertise services at community functions
  • Educate parents regarding “normal/expected” development patterns
  • Accept referrals for any children parents/Drs have developmental concerns for
  • Assess needs for children referred

Educate families and children

  • All children who meet verification guidelines set for the state of Nebraska qualify for services.:
  • Children Birth through age 3: are generally served in their home or day care setting.
  • Children ages three – five: are supported at their private preschool, Head Start or attend center-based preschool at Davenport.


Birth – Three

The Early Childhood staff includes: Birth – Five Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, School Nurse, School Psychologist and Services Coordinator for Birth – Three and Building Administrator.

The Early Childhood staff provides instruction in homes and day care facilities. Our goal is to teach techniques and strategies to the parents/care givers who will spend time with the child. This is usually done using the toys and items available in the home, although special materials (schedules) may be brought in as needed.

Three – Five

Children ages three through five are supported in their current instructional setting whether that be a private preschool or Head Start. For children not already attending preschool a center-based curriculum is available. Students attend Monday – Friday for approximately 3 hours daily. There are six classrooms available for morning and afternoon sessions, students attend 2-5 days a week. Class size averages 7-12 students. Each classroom has 2 peer models who demonstrate appropriate communication and behavior skills.