LaVonna Emanuel

FMS is home to approximately 700 7th and 8th grade students. The students are divided among 3 interdisciplinary teams at each grade level to provide a small school environment that allows students and teachers to develop strong relationships to meet the needs of individual students. Within each team are the student’s core classes (math, english, science, and social studies). Students are also exposed to a variety of exploratory classes outside their team. The exploratory classes include physical education, band, vocal music, art, industrial technology, family consumer science, and integrated technology. As well, students have the opportunity to choose to be involved in several clubs and organizations outside the school day. FMS is also home to many successful and award-winning Tiger athletic teams and fine arts groups. We strongly encourage students to get involved in a variety of these activities. The more students are involved and engaged, the greater the experience!

We believe that all students can excel at high levels when there is a partnership and relationship between students, staff, and parents. The staff at Fremont Middle School takes pride in helping to develop the intellectual, ethical, physical, social, and emotional growth of each student that walks through our doors. We ensure equity for all students so they may receive the individual support they need to reach and exceed our standards and expectations. Our teachers work collaboratively throughout the year to plan engaging lessons that prepare our students to become college and career ready.

To help us meet these goals, FMS utilizes Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is an evidence-based, data-informed process that works to increase student achievement, school attendance, and school success while decreasing challenging student behaviors. Our staff is committed to using this proactive approach to teaching appropriate behaviors through the development of strong positive adult-to-student relationships. Our PBIS Expectations are: BE RESPONSIBLE! BE RESPECTFUL! BE SAFE!

Please contact the school office at 402-727-3100 or an administrator with any questions regarding Fremont Middle School. As well, please follow on Twitter @TigersFMS and FMS Facebook to see more about our staff and students.

Principal – LaVonna Emanuel (LaVonna.Emanuel@fpsmail.org)
Assistant Principal – Todd Niehaus (Todd.Niehaus@fpsmail.org)