Welcome to Fremont Middle School!
The Fremont Middle School Counseling Office is here to help you have a great school year.

Amanda Chick Guidance Counselor

Amanda Chick
7th Grade Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Amanda Chick is the 7th Grade Counselor. Mrs. Chick is ready to help students transition to middle school and work through any obstacle they may encounter. You can contact Mrs. Chick at

(402) 727-3120

Devon Webben Guidance Counselor

Devon Webben
8th Grade Guidance Counselor

Mr. Devon Webben is the Counseling Director and 8th Grade Counselor. Mr. Webben works with students during their 8th grade year to learn the skills they need to go to high school. You can contact Mr. Webben at

(402) 727-3107

Julie Kavan Counseling Office Associate

Julie Kavan
Counseling Office Associate

Mrs. Julie Kavan is the Office Associate in the Guidance Office. She can help you with PowerSchool and Gmail and answer many questions. You can contact Julie at

(402) 727-3102