From The Superintendent

Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 school year!  We have a number of exciting initiatives underway at Fremont Public Schools and are really pleased that you and your students will be part of it.  Thank you for visiting our website where you will find information concerning the schools including the activities calendar, meal menus, personnel and contact information. Our website also provides information concerning registering for PowerSchool for Parents which allows you to monitor your child’s performance in school. Please take some time to check out our new “News” page on the site.  We are proud of our community, our children, their parents and our faculty and support personnel who define our schools and what they are about.

A number of successful projects have been completed over the summer. Administrators from Fremont Public Schools, Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools, Trinity Lutheran Schools as well as the Fremont 911 Call Center and Officer Jim Butts of the Fremont Police Department attended training sessions on our new community wide emergency radio system. Funding for this project was provided by the Fremont Community Foundation, the Fremont Public School Foundation and the Willis Fund at Archbishop Bergan.  To all of the funding organizations we say a sincere THANK YOU for keeping the safety of our students in the community as a priority!

Fremont continues to move forward with important advances on all levels. We continue to work towards meeting the Board of Education established goals which are reported on monthly. This past year we completed the fifth year of a five year implementation of PBIS, a systemic approach to establishing a positive culture throughout the District. This has been a monumental effort and we are already seeing the fruits of our labor.

At Fremont High School a strong emphasis has been placed on dual-credit / enrollment opportunities for students in their junior and senior years of high school. The goal is that in the near future every student graduating from Fremont High School will have had the opportunity to complete at least a semester of college dual credit. Partnerships are being formed with Midland University and Metropolitan Community College to ensure that our students are afforded these opportunities. This past year 170 seniors were enrolled in at least one Dual Credit course and 134 took at least one Advanced Placement course. These courses not only allow a student to gain a head start into their college experience, the courses are provided at a much reduced rate allowing our students and their families to save money.

As part of the Board-established goal related to English Language Learners, the District has established a Dual Language Program at Washington School. Students in the Dual Language kindergarten through third grade classrooms will learn the curriculum in English and Spanish. The goal of the program is to increase student achievement for our non-English speaking students and provide an opportunity for our English speaking students to learn Spanish at a young age. The program is designed as a 4-5 year pilot with expansion by one grade a year until fully implemented. In its fifth year, our inaugural group of students are now entering fourth grade. This is an exciting opportunity for our students and families!

We continuously review / upgrade our curriculum and make improvements in programs to ensure program quality and provide high level experiences for children and youth. The District, this past year, approved a new adoption of physical education curriculum materials which will help to prepare students for their futures. Science teachers throughout the District spent an incredible amount of time this summer developing curriculum and science kits designed to meet the implementation of the State Standards.

The Fremont Public School Foundation plays an integral role in much of what we are involved in. Please visit their website at to learn more about their important work and to identify ways you can participate!

We hope you find that our schools and programs exceed your expectations. We look forward to a great relationship in the education of your youngsters and invite you to become involved in their education.  Attend parent-teacher conferences, join the PTA and become knowledgeable about your schools.

Please feel free to contact your school or any of the district offices if you have questions concerning a specific area.            

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