On September 14, 2021, Fremont Public Schools asked the Fremont community to vote on a no levy increase facilities improvement bond referendum totaling $123 million. The plan has been developed with input from a team of professional service providers, educators and consultants with input from the Board of Education and a community citizens committee.  The plan includes rebuilding three current elementary schools (Howard, Clarmar, Washington), updating the high school, Milliken Park Elementary and the Lenihan facility, creating an addition on the Johnson Crossing 5th-6th grade center and Linden Elementary and building a Career Technical Center for dual credit technical training.  

The purpose of the identified projects is to develop a safe learning environment conducive to current and future educational practices while creating energy and operational savings.  Indoor air quality is a major point of emphasis in updating the district’s aging buildings.

Thank you Fremont for voting to pass the bond issue! New information related schedule for development, design, bidding and construction of the outlined projects will be added as it is developed. Check back for more updates!