Speech/Language Pathologists have many important roles at Fremont Public Schools.  Their primary role is to assess and provide interventions for individuals with speech and language needs in the secondary, elementary and early childhood settings.  They administer assessments and evaluations in the areas of speech, language, voice and fluency, and social communication and serve as a valuable member of the multi-disciplinary team  to determine eligibility for speech and language services in the school and early childhood setting.  Speech Pathologists also provide support to teachers in the classroom for individuals requiring augmentative communication systems whether these are low tech pictures or high tech augmentative communication devices.     Speech Language Pathologists work in a variety of contexts including classrooms, individual/group therapy settings, Head Start Preschool , and home settings with the goal of helping students become active participants and effective communicators at school and home.

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Jennifer Behring
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Milliken Park, Head Start, Pre K

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Stephanie Leonard
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Bell Field

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Lisa Robertson
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Early Childhood

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Brie Fergus
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Clarmar, Washington

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Morgan McConnaughhay
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Johnson Crossing

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Sarah Schuknecht
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Grant, YAP, Pre K

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Lisa Gallo
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High School, Middle School

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Lisa Nielsen
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Paula Walla
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