Fremont Public Schools Purchases Property for new Elementary School

Replacement of Clarmar Elementary

Fremont, Neb. – (Sep. 16, 2022) Fremont Public Schools is announcing a property purchase agreement for the relocation of the current Clarmar Elementary School. 

Since the passage of the Bond Issue September 14, 2021 the Board of Education and administration have been working with landholders within the community on securing a parcel of land for the development of a new elementary school replacing the current Clarmar Elementary.  Several sites were evaluated by the District’s architects/engineers.  A site within the Deer Pointe subdivision was identified and chosen to pursue.  The Board of Education and administration have worked with the Sidner Law Firm to successfully negotiate with the Diers family the purchase and development of a site.  

The school district, the FPS professional team and the Diers family and their professional team have worked together with the City of Fremont to identify the process and necessary submittals to seek approval on the site for annexation, preliminary plat, final plat and infrastructure development. 

The Board of Education, during their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, approved a resolution entering into a purchase agreement with Charles H. Diers LLC. for the purchase of 11.4 acres of land within the Deer Pointe subdivision. The total purchase price for the property is $950,000 and a preliminary development agreement provides for a cost sharing agreement for development and construction of public improvements necessary to utilize the site for the relocation of Clarmar.  The agreement states that the school district’s obligation will not exceed $550,000.  

The agreement outlines the process for acquiring the property as well as the development of the infrastructure and City of Fremont zoning/annexation approval.  The agreement also names the new facility the Deer Pointe Elementary School.

“As part of the pre-bond citizens committee process it became apparent that there was a desire to relocate Clarmar Elementary to a site not sharing land with the High School,” stated Mark Shepard, superintendent of schools.  As sites were being discussed and evaluated by the professional team it became a priority to not create more pressure (traffic) on the intersections of 16th & Johnson, 16th & Luther, Military & Johnson and Military & Luther. The site within Deer Pointe became the preferred site and the professionals for the school district and the Diers family began working together with City officials to make it happen.  “The location will have good access by both roads and the under construction walking/bicycle path near the treeline on the South side of the property.”  

The Deer Pointe Elementary School along with the other identified school bond projects will continue to move our community forward in preparing our students for the future and the community for growth,” stated Dr. Bad Dahl, associate superintendent.

Deer Pointe Elementary along with Washington and Howard Elementary will share the same blueprints. The three elementary school replacements are part of a 10 project, $123 million school facility improvements bond issue that passed on September 14, 2021. They are designed to accommodate four sections of each grade level preschool through fourth grade.  The projects which are in various stages of development and construction will be completed in the next 24-36 months.

The new school will be built to accommodate the current enrollment of 260 and have space to expand to serve 540 students as the community continues to grow.  Bids for the three new elementary buildings have been received and are currently being evaluated.  Construction is scheduled to begin this fall/winter on the three new elementary buildings with an anticipated completion in the summer of 2024.


The mission statement of the Fremont Public Schools is to produce creative, adaptable, productive citizens committed to lifelong learning.