FHS Students awarded for infographics

Taylor Ladd
Eduardo Parra
Oscar Avila

(story courtesy of Fremont Tribune)

Colin Larson, Fremont Tribune

Several Fremont High School students were recently awarded by the Nebraska Education Technology Association for their graphic design work.

The students participated in an annual contest offered in the spring for K-12 students in the Midwest Region. Categories of the contest include Digital Images, Interactive Media, Video, Audio and Infographics.

The three students — Eduardo Parra, Oscar Avila, and Taylor Ladd — took the top three spots respectively for their work creating infographics focused on social issues like texting and driving and cigarette smoking/vaping.

The students completed their infographics as part of a Graphic Design II class taught by Kristen Strickler.

Strickler says the class spent a week discussing what makes an effective infographic and analyzing infographics for layout, design, content, relevance and currency.

“Students were able to pick any topic that was meaningful or had some significance to them,” she said.

Parra earned a first place award for his infographic which focused on texting and driving.

“I chose this topic because my friend got into a really bad car accident while texting and driving,” Parra said about what led him to focus on the topic.

Avila’s infographic also dealt with texting, but focused on the constant phone usage by young people and the resulting lack of person-to-person contact it can lead to.

“I have noticed that more and more teens are disengaging in face-to-face conversation and their overall attention and time has been spent on their smartphones,” he said about the project. “Most prioritize their phone over other things and people, too.”

Ladd’s infographic focused on cigarette and e-cigarette use in society, particularly the use by young people like herself.

“Cigarettes are a poison to society and most of the people that smoke their whole life end up with some kind of cancer because of all the chemicals that are in the cigarette,” she said. “As kids growing up, they get the idea that smoking/vaping is OK and that it isn’t that harmful to the body. There are many teenagers that are vaping and don’t realize what it can actually do to them and I hope my project will help them see that it isn’t safe to use.”

Strickler said she is blessed to be able to work with such talented students year after year.

“I am always amazed how I am able to give them general guidelines and they run with it, coming up with some of the most creative and innovative pieces,” she said.

She also commended her three students for the time they put in doing research and taking what they learned and putting it into a visually appealing format.

“Data design is an emerging field in the areas of business and graphic design, so this project was a great opportunity to expose them to a different kind of art and to see what the could do with it,” she said.

All three students will have their work displayed on the NETA website and will also be recognized at the NETA state convention in March.