Fremont Middle School - Activities

Fremont Middle School Student Council


This year, there will be a change in how Student Council Officers will be elected. Anyone in the 8th grade may run for one of the offices – including those students who have already been elected as representatives.

To be elected as an officer, a student must meet the following criteria:
-a “C” average (with no D’s or F’s in any grading period last year)
-a record of good citizenship
-leadership skills

Students must complete a registration form in the Guidance Office by Tuesday, September 16. In addition to completing this form, candidates for the offices will make a speech to the current Student Council representatives and sponsors on Friday, September 19 at the 7:15 meeting. The speeches must:
-last no longer than 3 minutes
-introduce you to the Council and explain why you want to be an officer
-make no silly promises about what your election will mean

The offices and their duties are listed below:

-The President is in charge of all meetings and assists the sponsors in developing the agenda for meetings.
-The President serves on important committees.
-The President meets with the sponsors and administration to represent students for new ideas and proposals.
-The President represents the Student Council at school functions and assemblies.
-The President keeps order in the meetings and ensures that proper procedures are used.
-The President must attend all meetings and participate in all Council activities and services.

Vice President
-The Vice President conducts the meetings in the absence of the President.
-The Vice President serves on important committees.
-The Vice President keeps the attendance record for all meetings.
-The Vice President assists the President and sponsors at meetings, school functions and assemblies.
-The Vice President must attend all meetings and participate in all Council activities and services.

-The Secretary must keep minutes (a written record) for each meeting.
-The Secretary must read the minutes from the previous meeting at the start of each meeting.
-The Secretary must serve on important committees.
-The Secretary must assist with the duties of the President or Vice President in the event of their absence.
-The Secretary must attend all meetings and participate in all Council activities and services.


Members must maintain a “C” average all year. Any D’s or F’s (or any GPA lower than a 2.00) will result in a two-week probation the first time and removal from the Student Council in any subsequent grading periods.

Members must comply with all school and classroom rules. Suspension for a Level 3 or Level 4 offense will result in removal from the Student Council for no less than six weeks. Accumulation of 10 demerits will likely mean removal from the Student Council.

Teacher referrals on council members will result in a warning and a plan to change the behavior or problem. Failure to make improvement will mean probation, suspension from Council activities, or removal from the Council. Members are expected to be role models in school and at all school activities.

Expectations for Student Council Participation
a.Attendance and punctuality are required for all meetings and scheduled activities.

b.Participation is required for all event days and other activities.

c.Members will be required to sell concessions at least once during each sports season.
The only members excused from this duty are those who are participating in that season’s sport. Those athletes will be expected to work at Parent-Teacher Conferences or participate in other activities to make up for their failure to sell concessions.

d.Failure to attend or participate in meetings or activities, or failure to conduct oneself
appropriately in any Student Council meeting or activity, will result in a negative mark. Three marks will mean removal from Student Council.

e. Any absence from an activity or a meeting will require a note from a parent explaining
the reason for the absence. Only three excused absences or tardies will be accepted without a

f.Members working at any activities (such as selling concessions, Parent-Teacher
Conferences, etc.) must arrange their rides in advance and be prepared to stay for the entire time that the Student Council has obligations.

g.Members are expected to offer ideas and participate in the discussions in the meetings and all opinions are to be treated with respect.

h.Members are to be courteous and attentive listeners to all business conducted in the Council meetings.

i.Members must conduct themselves appropriately at all events and activities and not be involved in horseplay, running around, yelling, etc.

j.Members must be respectful of all students and interests at FMS in the events and activities that are sponsored.

k.Members should represent their teams and their school with equal enthusiasm.

I have read all the requirements for participation in Student Council and I accept all the responsibilities of membership.