Transcript requests for years 1993-Present can call Fremont High School Counseling at 402-727-3056 OR email

Transcript requests for years 1992 and before can call Lori Essen at 402-727-3097 OR email

If you are leaving a message, please include your full name, maiden name if married, year of graduation, where you want the transcript sent, and a phone number.

For Colleges:Colleges require that official transcripts be sent directly from our office.

For Employers:We do not have copies of diplomas. Some employers will accept an unofficial copy of a transcript. Unofficial transcripts do not have the official seal, and are stamped “unofficial”. They may be picked up from our office, faxed, or mailed directly to you. We will also fax or mail them directly to an employer. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript.