Is the Courtyard free to use?

It is FREE for all and open to the community and surrounding areas.  We do accept tax-deductible monetary donations to help sustain the Sensory Courtyard and/or make improvements, but it is not necessary.

Is the Courtyard accessible?

There is an elevator on the first floor for access to the 2nd floor, where the Sensory Courtyard is located.  Please feel free to call ahead of time or when you get there for directions to the elevator – 402-727-3134.  Everything in the Sensory Courtyard is wheelchair accessible.  If you need to change a diaper/pad, you may want to bring a blanket to lay the student down and we can direct you to a private room, but we do not have a specific area for that.  Let us know if this will be a problem.

What is the physical address and where do we park?

The address is: 130 East 9th Street.  You may park in the Lenihan Parking lot
Map to Parking Lot Here
(between 9th and 10th Street on Broad Street, across from the City Auditorium).  It’s the Grey Building to the west of the Administration building and south of the Keene Memorial Library.  There’s plenty of parking in the Lenihan parking lot.

How many people can I bring to the Courtyard?

The Sensory Courtyard can hold up to 34 participants at one time.  We have had good luck with breaking large groups into smaller (5-6 students) groups and rotating them through the 8 areas in the Sensory Courtyard.  Then students are not running wild throughout the area and it seems to go more smoothly.  Just a thought… It just depends on how interested the kids are in each area. Some areas have more activities to do, and others don’t.  There are only 3-5 allowed at one time in the Snoezelen Room, so it’s necessary for that area to be rotated among the children and an adult in the room to supervise.

Can we bring lunch to the Courtyard?

We have a few tables next to the Sensory Courtyard for your students to eat a sack lunch.  Please make sure they wash their hands afterward and stay at the tables while they eat, so we can keep the Sensory Courtyard as clean as possible.  We would appreciate you tidying up after yourselves if needed – crumbs on floor, tables, etc.  Or your group may wish to eat at the playground/park area if it’s nice outside.

How long can we stay at the Courtyard?

We don’t mind how long participants stay as long as it doesn’t get too crowded.  We like to keep group reservations to themselves so they don’t need to share the space with others and have the opportunity to enjoy all the areas on their own.

Is there anything else close to the Courtyard for kids?

There is an outdoor public playground directly to the south of the Sensory Courtyard for students to play on if you would like to separate and/or rotate them.  Directly to the north of the Sensory Courtyard is the Keene Memorial Library, if you would like to see if there are planned events during the time you visit and split groups that way too.

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