Boosters Help Tigers To Be the Best

Support by parents, fans and businesses, has helped the Tiger Booster Club provide opportunities for FHS students to participate in programs of the highest quality.  We thank you, Tiger Fans, for your support of FHS activity programs and encourage your continued support and involvement in the Fremont Tiger Athletic Booster Club.

What is the Booster Club?

Fremont Tiger Booster Club is an organization that supports athletic programs and activities at Fremont High School. The organization is comprised of an executive board and committees who work to promote athletics and activities by purchasing equipment, providing resources for training of coaches and athletes, assisting with funding for facility upgrades, and making donations for school related activities and events, including the fine arts. We strive to provide our students with what is required to compete at a high level.

What does the Booster Club do?

Coaches submit a “Wish List” annually to the Booster Club asking for donations toward their sport/activity. Over the past few years we have provided funding towards FHS track and field upgrades, Nell McPherson Theater renovations, and remodeling of the Bahe gymnasium with new wall banners and wall mats. The Booster Club purchased the digital board used at various sporting and school events. We have made contributions to EVERY sports team at FHS over the past few years. Additionally, the Booster Club donates annually for post-prom and donates as needed for fine arts programs and towards community activities that impact our high school.

Booster Club Board of Directors

The Booster Board is comprised of an executive board. Board members serve a two-year term. Current executive members include:

President: Tim Schulz
Vice President: Doug Sheppard
Secretary: Sarah Cooper
Treasurer: Paul Heineman

Contact Email:

Special Events

The Booster Club organization provides meals for coaches, workers, and officials at both the wrestling and track invitationals. We sponsor the Hall of Fame Banquet, honoring past athletes and coaching staff for their achievements. We also order and sell Fremont Tiger gear for our fans. Overall we promote pride of FHS through our efforts!


Our main source of income is from our yearly membership fees which are $25.00 per Individual/Family, $50.00 for Business and $100.00 for Business Century Memberships.  Individual Lifetime Memberships are also available at a cost of $250.00.  Activities held during the school year will include the sale of Tiger Apparel, Winter Sloppy Joe Feed, Drive for Your School programs, Pickle Ticket sales from various local businesses – profits are used for activity purchases according to state regulations, vending machines in the high school generate income for our club.

Member Recognition

Business, Individual and Lifetime Memberships will appear in the FHS sports programs for football, volleyball, and boys’ and girls’ basketball. We appreciate the continued supported from our members.

Those who have questions may contact a member of our Executive Committee or at-large board members. Executive Board members are President: Tim Schulz, Vice President: Doug Sheppard, Secretary: Sarah Cooper, Treasurer: Paul Heineman. At large members are:  Kyle Baker, Karen Burnside, Steve Cobb, Jason Decker, Matt and Kristen Harms, Trish Hansen, Mark Prince, Jon Rensch, Brett and Heidi Richmond, Matt Ridder, Lisa Schulz, and Krista Waters. or contact the High School at (402) 727-3063.

Thank you for your consideration of becoming a Booster member and GO TIGERS!!