The Virtual Learning page is designed to give parents and students who are taking the virtual learning option a place to go to 1) find needed information on how to use the Learning Management System (Seesaw or Canvas), 2) to provide information on expectations for students and families, and 3) find information on the logistics of the virtual learning process.  You will also be able to find information on who to contact as different issues arise.  We will continue to update the website to have information that you, as a family taking the virtual learning option, will need to be successful.


As we enter Mid-September, we are encouraging students to return to in-person learning.  The reasons we are encouraging this are:

  1. In-person learning provides a rich learning environment that fosters higher student achievement and growth.
  2. Online learning requires a significant time commitment from parents.
  3. Our community continues to be in the yellow on the risk-dial.

If you are interested in returning your student to in-person learning, please contact your school.

Introduction and Expectations for Canvas

How to Access Canvas

Canvas Overview for Students

Canvas Assignments Overview

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Fremont Intemediate Schools 5-8 Canvas Overview

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