Fremont Public Schools Bond Issue 

Bond Issue Update


Fremont, Neb. – (May 16, 2022)  Fremont Public Schools continues to move forward with plans for the $123 million bond issue that was passed by citizens in September 2021. FPS meets with the BVH Design Team weekly, updating the Board of Education monthly, and updating the Board of Education Facilities Committee monthly. 


High School / CTE Project Update:

Continued analysis of the costs for the project are being reviewed by the design team, contractor, and the school district to determine the final scope elements of the projects.  Geotechnical services have started this month on-site and the geothermal well field is currently out to bid with this work anticipated to begin this summer. The design and coordination work is continuing and the development of the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will continue through October when the final design is scheduled to be completed.


Washington, Howard, and Clarmar Elementary Project Update:

Design and coordination of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural systems are ongoing. Detail design work on the interior finishes, casework and kitchen area is underway. Development of options for the new Clarmar site have been evaluated and it is being adjusted with feedback from FPS and the site owner. 


Milliken Park Elementary Project Update: 

Construction documents have been completed and include the final design, details and building systems for general contractor bidding. Bids will be received on May 19. Construction is expected to start in summer 2022 and extend through December 2023 over multiple phases.


Lenihan Learning Center Project Update: 

Construction documents are proceeding toward final completion on June 1. Bidding will be completed in June, with construction expected to start this summer 2022, and extend into next year, 2023.


Bell Field Elementary Project Update: 

The roof repair package bids were received on April 28 and are currently under review. Scope and budget verification work is in progress in preparation for the interior design work to begin in the fall/winter of 2022-23 for bidding in the spring of 2023. Interior construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2023.


Linden Elementary Project Update: 

Site survey work is in progress. Design work is scheduled to begin in July 2022.


Johnson Crossing Academic Center Project Update: 

Site survey work has been completed. Design work is scheduled to begin in July 2022.


To view the presentation given at the Board of Education meeting, with preliminary designs, click here: 



The mission statement of the Fremont Public Schools is to produce creative, adaptable, productive citizens committed to lifelong learning.