7th Grade Outdoor Day

Today 7th graders at Fremont Middle School spent the day outside at Johnson Lake for their annual Outdoor Day. 7th graders worked in their teams to accomplish tasks pertaining to the outdoors in core subjects. During their math time, students counted paces around the walking path of Johnson Lake to calculate the total distance. During science, students studied made leaf rubs to study leaf veins and identified trees. Students wrote used poetry to describe the outdoors and how it makes them feel. Students created a map of Johnson Lake as a part of their social studies curriculum. The day is put together by science teacher, Alisa Beam. She works with Nebraska Game and Parks and the Lower Platte NRD to set up several presentations with students. Beam says, “Outdoor day is all about getting kids outside and exposing them to a variety of aspects of the world around them. They get many hands-on experiences such as riding on a tractor to plant trees, flying a drone, feeling furs from Nebraska Game and Parks. My favorite part is getting to see students fish for the first time and how excited they get when they catch their first fish! I also love hearing the stories from students about putting the worm on their hook for the first time or taking the fish off the hook and how many they caught! It is a great experience many of the students have never done before and one they will always remember!”