At the beginning of the school year, all of the Bell Field Elementary teachers were to create a project for the kids that represented their passion outside of school. Miss Wiese’s passion is to introduce careers to students at a young age. She believes there‚Äôs a lot of stress about going to college but sometimes college is not for everyone. She doesn’t want students to feel like they are being frowned upon for going to a trade school or a career instead of taking the college route. “I think that some of the basic skills of fixing things or doing stuff with your hands are overlooked and are important for life in general,” she states. This week the third-grade classes are going to Fremont High School to create marker boards in the industrial technology department with Mr. Cunnings. When the students get to the high school they get to pin together a wood frame, nail the frame and sand down rough edges. They get to see why sanding is important and see a power tool to cut wood. When students are finished they will go back to their classrooms at Bell Field and paint their projects.