Fremont Middle School choirs earn highest ratings at Wayne State event

(story courtesy of Fremont Tribune)

James Farrell, Fremont Tribune

All of five of Fremont Middle School’s choirs earned the highest ratings at a competition at Wayne State College last week.

The event was the Middle Level Competition, and it features a similar rating system as the high school level District Music Contest, with ensembles receiving ratings of fair, good, excellent or superior.

All of Fremont Middle School’s choirs — Tiger Choir, Black & Gold Choir, Tiger Pride Show Choir, Ladies First and For Men Only — received “Superior” ratings. The Tiger Band also earned a Superior rating.

“We have a very special thing in Fremont — there is something in the water in this community when it comes to music,” said Jennifer Grenier, choirs director for Fremont Middle School. “(The students) literally give their all. I’m just so lucky.”

The choirs participate in the event because of its similarities to the District Music Contest. The ensembles perform their pieces for two judges who deliver their ratings, Grenier said.

“We take them to this one even though it’s a further drive because it’s what they’re going to get in high school,” Grenier said.

The Wayne State event also highlighted the tight-knit relationship between members of the middle school musical department. Grenier was out on a medical leave at the time of the competition and was unable to attend, so other faculty members stepped up to help, like Jill Murman, who conducted the choirs in Grenier’s absence.

“The kids already prepared the music with me and were good to go, but it’s hard to do some of the pieces we do without a conductor because I give them challenging stuff so that they’re ready for high school,” Grenier said. “I’m just super grateful to have the solid department we have or that could easily be a train wreck.”

The Tiger Pride Show Choir also recently earned gold at Midland University and sixth place at the Lewis Central Clash of the Titans Show Choir Competition.

The final competition this year will be held at the Northeast Community College in Norfolk — both the Tiger Pride Show choir and FMS Jazz Band will be in attendance.

On April 12, the Tiger Pride Show Choir and For Men Only will tour the Johnson Crossing Academic Center and the elementary schools before performing at the Middle School gym at 6:30 p.m. — all are welcome to attend.

“They always step up to the challenge,” Grenier said of her choir students. “They work very hard.”