Congratulations Class of 2017

Jack Schulz  – Student Address

I would like to begin by congratulating all of you.  We made it, and we should all be proud of the hard work it took to get here.  Today, we celebrate the obstacles we have overcome and the challenges that we have faced during our time at FHS.  Secondly, I want everyone to take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments that brought us here.  I know that is actually a lot to ask of you.  Thinking back on eighteen years of our lives encompasses so many different emotions and memories, but when you think about it, they all have been leading and pointing towards this day.

And after thinking about your past it is time to look forward.  It is true that our paths have all led us here together, but now is when they begin to diverge.  It was just a few short weeks ago in Mr. Lambley’s sociology class that he showed us a picture of a former cross country team that he coached.  He pointed to one runner after the other saying that one had moved to Hawaii, one lives in Texas, and another is now in New York.  Now it is our turn to cover the country.  Someday this class will be as far reaching as any other.  Our paths will fan out in every direction, taking us to places we cannot imagine.

It sounds terrifying, I know.  We do not know what the future may hold for us, but we are not alone.  Behind us are our experiences as students.  Every teacher, parent, friend, teammate, and person you have come to know will be right there with you.  They helped you prepare for the future, so don’t squander their help.  Take advantage of it.  Take the next step into tomorrow with confidence, knowing that your past will guide you to a better life.

After acknowledging, that everyone I know has brought me here, I now think it is important to thank them.  Everyone here has a favorite teacher or mentor: someone who has changed your life in a positive way.  When we are done here, and you see that person, think back to all of times that they have supported you and thank them.  Take your family and friends into your arms and embrace them.  Being grateful is one of the most important parting gifts you can give to these people, and it would mean more to them than you could imagine.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best of luck.  Now that you have graduated, the sky’s the limit.  Whether you leave for college or go straight to working, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  And hopefully, when some of us meet somewhere later in life, we will be able to share all of the amazing experiences we have had since our time at Fremont Senior High School.

Fremont Public Schools and Fremont High School are proud of our commitment to seeing students achieve to their maximum potential.  The number of students involved in dual enrollment and advanced placement courses recognizes that commitment.  This year we have 67 seniors who were enrolled in at least one Dual Credit course and 67 students who took at least one Advanced Placement course.  These courses not only allow a student to gain a head start into their college experience, these courses are provided at a much-reduced rate allowing our students and their families to save money.

The Fremont Public School District was the first District in the State of Nebraska to achieve District Accreditation through Advanced ED.  Last year the District was confirmed by Advanced ED and recognized as the first District in the State of Nebraska to be re-confirmed for a second time as District level accredited.  Advanced ED is an international accrediting agency and Fremont Public Schools have earned their highest recognition.  Your Fremont High School diploma is not only recognized on the local, state and national level but internationally.

This class has currently 14 students that are recipients of the prestigious University of Nebraska Board of Regents Scholarship-a Scholarship which pays full tuition to UNL, UNO or UNK.

 At least 104 of our students have been declared recipients of scholarships.  These awards, if carried to their full potential, have a total value over 4.5 million dollars.  This amount does not include any loans or government grants.  We believe this is a fantastic accomplishment by the class of 2017.

Jack Schulz, was selected for the Omaha World-Herald All-Eastern Region 2 Regional Academic Team. To be eligible to compete for this honor, students must have outstanding academic achievement as measured by test scores and class rank, challenging coursework and school involvement.

Holly Ludvigsen, Sarah Marchese, Anya Morozov, Megan Roucka, and Ellenor Sell were selected for Nebraska Academic Honorable Mention.  These students rank in the top 4 percent of all graduating seniors in Nebraska.

Samantha Bernt was selected as our Omaha World-Herald outstanding Journalism Key Staffer student.

Any student who has earned a minimum grade point average of 3.7 for any two consecutive terms in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 is eligible to receive an Academic Achievement Award.  The level of the award indicates the number of years the student has earned an Academic Achievement Award.

Academic Achievement Award
Level I, one-year winners

Beatriz Barcenas Sydnee Kardisco Sage Reiger
Jason Bechtel Mercades Kennedy Jacquelinne Sandoval
Justin Bolte Brittney Klein-Stokes Nichole Seagle
Mackenzie Boothe Amber Leedom Kallin Sheppard
Nathan Breeden Kirstyn Leffler Joshua Sparks
Karlie Dortch Reuben Longoria Brody Stenger
Alexandria England Sarah Marchese Zacheus Stewart
Kellin Fernandez Mejia Gabriel Miller Tyler Synovec
Melony Fiala Sindy Munoz Jason Taylor
Thane Gengler Breanna Paugels Solana Tolben
Selena Gutierrez Isabela Peralta Hailey Westerman
Yvette Hinojosa John Ratcliff Elijah Wiese
Jorgen Johannssen

Level II, two-year winners

Nikolas Barnes Wendy Mancia Tiffany Timmermann
Samantha Bernt Tommy McDonald Tanner Vanek
Kaden Hendrix Amanda Melcher Brooklyn Worms
Dallas Holverson Jordyn Moore McKenna Wright
Cameran Jensen Samantha Munger Jeremy Young
Addisyn LaMar Daisy Ornelas

Level III, three-year winners

Luis Camey Brock Hegarty Lizette Ramirez
Brittnee Cook Trece Hickman Andrea Samaniego-Contreras
Elisa Dorsey Hayley Hilker Vivian Sanchez Gutierrez
Gabe Eisenmenger Emma Karr Ruth Stewart
Yessica Felipe Samuel Martinez Tara Timmermann
Zayne Foster Reese Mumford Giannah Vakiner
Addison Gloeb Sierra Nelson Aysia Webb
Gage Harbaugh Andrew Poulas

Level IV, four-year winners

Mollee Adamson Anya Morozov Lindsay Seier
Justine Blick Alyssa Mumm Ellenor Sell
Spencer Bobbett Cade Niehaus Hannah Sillau
Preston Decker Justin Pettit Aidan Toimil
Bailie Hansen Haylie Push Lexi Vecera
Kenedi Holck Tyler Push Danson Vuong
Pehrson Huss Clarice Ramig Brock Walla
Elizabeth Krohn Megan Roucka Jacob Weston
Justin Lassek Samantha Schindler Jessica Wheeler
Holly Ludvigsen Jack Schulz