Elementary Counselors

Who is the counselor?
The counselor is a student’s helper. The counselor is a teacher who helps children feel better about themselves and school. Sometimes the counselor just talks to a child alone. Sometimes the counselor talks with small groups of children, and sometimes the counselor talks with the whole class.

What does the elementary guidance counselor do?
Helps students
Helps parents
Assists teachers

How does the counselor provide services?
Individual counseling
Small group counseling
Classroom activities
Consultation with parents
Consultation with teachers

How does a child receive counseling services?

The child may request counseling or be referred by parents or teachers.

What if a child is referred for counseling?
Counseling is a voluntary service. No child is required to talk to the counselor.

How do I find out more about the counseling program?

Call your building principal or call to set up a time to meet with the counselor.

Essential Learning Skills
The learner will be able to identify personal abilities, skills, interests, and motivations.
The learner will be able to interact and work cooperatively with others.
The learner will be able to identify attitudes and behaviors leading to successful learning.
The learner will be able to take responsibility for their actions.
The learner will be able to apply the study skills necessary for academic success at each level.
The learner will be able to identify and express feelings.
The learner will be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior based on
environmental settings.
The learner will be able to identify effective coping skills for dealing with problems.
The learner will be able to demonstrate a respect and appreciation for individual, family, and cultural
The learner will be able to apply effective problem-solving and decision-making skills to make safe and
healthy choices.

Elementary Counselors:
Bell Field – Ainslee.Kroenke@fpsmail.org and Chris.Denker@fpsmail.org
Clarmar – Chris.Denker@fpsmail.org and Jorge.Pla-Redondo@fpsmail.org
Grant – Erin.Wegner@fpsmail.org
Howard – Ainslee.Kroenke@fpsmail.org
Linden – Bob.Wentz@fpsmail.org
Milliken Park – Jorge.Pla-Redondo@fpsmail.org
Washington – Erin.Wegener@fpsmail.org