After-School Community Learning Program

21st CCLC

What is a 21st Century Community Learning Center?

21st CCLC is a state funded grant program, under NCLB, designed to provide expanded learning and enrichment opportunities to students and families. 21st CCLC goals include: improving student learning in one or more core academic areas, increasing social benefits and positive behavioral changes, and increasing family and community engagement in supporting student education.

The mission of Fremont Community Learning Centers is to provide youth the opportunities to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. This is achieved through:
– Quality afterschool programming
– Academic assistance, tutoring, and homework help
– Enrichment activities: intended to present academic concepts in ways that differ greatly from instruction received in the general classroom. Often interactive, hands-on, and project focused
– Recreational activities
– Cultural activities
– Nutritional snacks
– Health and fitness activities

Fremont 21st CCLC Afterschool Program will provide after-school, early dismissal school days, and summer programs to support student academic, social, and physical needs. Through a comprehensive partnership with local community organizations, FPS 21st CCLC Afterschool Programs will provide academic support, fitness and health support, and character support.

Expected Results
1. Expanded learning experiences for children that are fun and educational, provide a sense of belonging and safety, involves parents and promotes community support.
2. Programming which supports growth in student achievement in core academic areas.
3. Opportunities for recreation, technology learning, enrichment and cultural activities based on the needs of program participants and their communities.
4. Develop committed relationships among community agencies and Fremont Public Schools for the benefit of students.

Contact Information

Leah Hladik
Program Director, After School Programs